Boost Your Financial Wellness

Want to increase your financial know-how? Here’s a good place to start. Pick a savings-related goal and then use your CSL benefits to reach it!

Prepare for Life’s Big Events

Use Fidelity’s Goal Booster to make your dreams a reality.

Whether it’s a home, a wedding, a vacation, a car, a family, a rainy-day fund or something else on your wish list, Fidelity’s Goal Booster can help you financially plan for the things you want in life. Be sure to check out the savings comparison tool, digital goal tracking, and real-time money movement features.

Set up an emergency savings fund.

Having an emergency fund can help ensure you have cash on hand when you really need it. Your Ayco financial coach can recommend the best approach for you, such as setting up automatic transfers from your checking account, so you don’t have to worry about future emergencies. Don’t worry about starting small. Even $20 each month builds up over time.

Save for Retirement

Meet with an expert to maximize your 401(k) savings.

An Ayco financial coach can provide the motivation, education and guidance you need to make the most of your retirement savings.

Maximize the 401(k) company match.

Don’t leave money on the table! Be sure to contribute enough to the 401(k) plan to take full advantage of the company match. You can contact Fidelity anytime to increase or decrease your contribution amount.

If you’re 50 or older, make catch-up contributions to your 401(k).

The 401(k) plan lets you set aside even more money — an additional $7,500 a year — once you reach 50. Take advantage of these catch-up contributions by visiting the Fidelity site and updating your contribution amount. Once you hit 55, you can also make catch-up contributions to your Health Savings Account to save an additional $1,000 a year.

Reduce Your Debt

Talk to a financial coach.

An Ayco financial coach can help you put together a game plan for paying off your debt and reducing your financial stress. Lyra’s work-life services can also help you deal with financial issues.

Reduce your credit card debt.

Maxed out your credit? You can always call your credit card company and ask them to reduce your credit line, lower the interest rate on your outstanding balance, or transfer the balance to a card with a lower interest rate. An Ayco financial coach can help you navigate the ins and outs of credit cards.

Protect the People (and Things) You Love

Get free basic life and AD&D coverage through CSL.

You automatically receive a basic level of coverage for both life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance, paid for by CSL. You can purchase additional coverage for yourself and your dependents during Annual Enrollment in the fall.

Save on auto, home and other kinds of insurance.

You can access special group rates and policy discounts on many types of insurance, including auto, home, condominium, renters, and recreational vehicle insurance.

Get your legal affairs in order.

Through MetLife Legal Plans, you can connect with a network of attorneys who can help with all kinds of legal matters, including marital, family, elder care and identity theft issues.

You can also get identity theft protection through Allstate, which can help you catch fraud through 24/7 monitoring of your personal and financial information and act quickly to limit damage if your information is stolen. You can enroll in both plans during Annual Enrollment.

Get Help on Your Financial Journey with CSL's Benefits