401(k) Plan

Whatever you dream of doing during your post-work years, CSL’s retirement savings plan can help turn your dreams into reality. By investing some of what you earn today, you can reach your financial goals tomorrow.

Key Features

  • Contribute via convenient pretax or after-tax (Roth) payroll deductions, up to the IRS contribution limit each year ($23,000 for 2024).
  • If you’re age 50 or older during this calendar year and made the maximum contribution to your plan, you can save even more by making an additional catch-up contribution of up to $7,500 (for 2024).
  • Save on a pretax or Roth basis. Roth contributions are deducted from your paycheck after taxes are withheld.
  • Change or stop your contributions at any time.
  • You have the flexibility to select from investment options that range from more conservative to more aggressive, making it easy for you to develop a well-diversified investment portfolio.
  • You can roll over eligible savings from a previous employer into this plan. You can also take your plan vested account balance with you if you leave the company.
  • You can designate your beneficiaries, receive instant online confirmation, and check your beneficiary information virtually at any time.

How to Enroll

You can enroll online at any time by visiting the Fidelity website, or by calling the Fidelity Retirement Benefits Line at 800-835-5095.

Visit Fidelity

How It Works

CSL’s 401(k) plan allows you to save for your future by allowing you to boost your retirement savings through company-provided contributions.

All full-time and part-time employees are eligible to join the 401(k) plan from their date of hire. After 12 months of service, CSL matches 100% on the first 5% of contributions you make to your CSL retirement account. Note: If you’re a Union SC employee, the 100% match on your first 5% of contributions begins on your first day.

You’re always 100% vested in any contributions you make to the plan, and you are immediately vested in all company contributions made to the 401(k) plan.

Want to Learn More?

Find out more about the 401(k) plan by reviewing the FAQs or reading the plan documents.


Plan documents