CSL Limited Global Employee Share Plan

You invest so much of your time and energy into ensuring our success. Why not reap the rewards of your hard work by owning a piece of CSL? The CSL Limited Global Employee Share Plan lets you buy CSL Limited shares at a discount through post-tax payroll deductions.

How It Works

The CSL Limited Global Employee Share Plan gives you an opportunity to share in the ownership, growth and future success of CSL. Once you’ve worked at CSL for six months, starting with your next contribution period you can become a CSL Limited shareholder by purchasing shares at a discounted price through post-tax payroll deductions.


  • Minimum 15% discount on the purchase price of shares.
  • Convenient savings plan.
  • You're entitled to any dividends and capital return.
  • Contribute a portion of your eligible pay, subject to contribution limits.
  • Enrollment occurs twice a year: January/February and July/August.
  • Shares are automatically allocated in March and September following each contribution period.
  • Once you start participating, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the next contribution period unless you choose to withdraw.