Commuter Benefits

We can’t prevent traffic delays, bad weather or other potential hurdles to your daily commute. But we can help you save on your trips to and from the office. The commuter benefit program lets you use tax-free money to pay for qualified commuting costs. That means more money in your wallet for weekend road trips.


Commuter benefits allow you to make contributions on a pretax basis for eligible transportation and parking expenses.

In 2024, the monthly contribution max is $315 for transit, vanpooling or commuter parking, and $630 for combined parking and transit.

Eligible Expenses

Use the commuter benefit to pay for these expenses:

  • Bus, ferry, train and trolley tickets and passes
  • Parking expenses (meters, garages and lots)
  • Vanpool fees (e.g., UberPool, Via and Lyft Shared)

These expenses are not eligible: tolls, taxis, gas or fuel, mileage, business trip costs, airport parking fees.

Get Started

You can enroll for commuter benefits by going to Benefits In-Site (select Reimbursement Accounts, then Commuter Account).