“Be kind to your mind.” There’s a mantra we can all get behind. But this may be easier said than done. Say hello to your mind’s best friend — Headspace. Headspace offers support whenever and wherever you need it, so you can find a healthier, happier you.


Headspace is an app with science-backed meditation and mindfulness tools to help you create life-changing habits to support your mental wellbeing. It can help you relax your mind in minutes, improve focus and get the best sleep ever. CSL covers the cost of Headspace, so you can take advantage of the app at no cost to you.

Headspace can help you with:

  • Meditation – Guided meditations on topics like stress, self-esteem and relationships, plus meditations for kids
  • Sleep – Sleepcasts, music and bedtime audio for restful nights
  • Movement – Quick workouts and guided cardio for body and mind
  • Focus – Meditations and music to help you zoom in on what matters

Headspace is available in multiple languages and offers a variety of accessibility options. It’s also private and confidential, meaning no one can see the content you access.

Get Started

To get started with Headspace:

  1. Visit the Headspace website.
  2. You’ll be asked the question “Do you have an existing account with Headspace?”
    • If you’re new to Headspace, answer “No” and create a Headspace account with your CSL email address.
    • If you have an existing account, answer “Yes” and sign in with your existing Headspace account information. Then, verify access with your CSL email address.
  3. Check your CSL inbox for a confirmation email with the subject line “Verify your team email.” Click Verify to complete. Note that if you have an existing paid membership, future auto-payments through Headspace are automatically paused. 
  4. Once you’ve set up your Headspace account, download the Headspace app from the App Store or Google Play.

Take a Day Off for Wellness

Need a little extra time to rest and recharge? You can take up to two Wellness Days a year to focus on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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Share Your Headspace

One of the best ways to increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to a health goal — like meditating daily with the Headspace app — is to do it with another person who can support you, keep you accountable and share the experience.

You can invite one person in your family or household to join your Headspace account. 

To add another person:

  1. Log in to Headspace from your computer (you cannot do this from the app).
  2. After logging in, click on your name on the right corner of the page.
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Navigate down to Subscription Details and click Edit.
  5. Click Manage Accounts on the right.
  6. You’ll be taken to the Manage Accounts page, where you can invite one family or household member.

You can log in on up to eight devices with your Headspace account. If you have trouble navigating, after logging on to Headspace, go directly to the Manage Accounts page.

If you have questions or issues with your account, email Headspace.